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Flat Fee

Flat Fee

In terms of our services, we operate on a transparent fee structure. We charge a flat fee for services such as Financial Plans, Budgeting, and One-time Investment Analysis. This allows you to know upfront the cost of the services you'll receive, ensuring transparency and clarity in our partnership

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Percentage of Assets

Percentage of Assets

For assets we manage, we charge an annual management fee, and the amount depends on the assets in the account. This ensures that the fee is proportionate to the level of service and attention your portfolio requires.

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At Double W Financial Group, we are proud to offer our knowledge in the following areas:

  • Wealth Accumulation
  • Estate Planning
  • Retirement/Distribution Planning
  • Long Term Care/Nursing Home Planning
  • Investing
  • Life Insurance (variable, fixed, term)
  • College Planning
  • Small Business Planning 

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